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Is It Cheating If You Are Married?

Escorts are hired by many people and for many different purposes. For some it provides them a way to escape their monotonous routines, for some people its a way to get the adrenaline flowing, whereas for some it is their only shot at experiencing sensuality in their life. Whatever is the reason for hiring an escort, Toronto escorts never judge their clients and they are always welcoming and accommodating in order to fulfill the needs of their clients and to give them a memorable evening.

Equally different is the type of experience desired by the clients. Some people want just a massage session with a happy ending, while some want full body sensual massages. Some want the girlfriend experience, while some people want the no holds barred bareback experience. It all boils down to the fact that what has been missing from their life.

The people who frequent to escorts also belong to the different age groups. Many people are young, still in college, while many are working and many elderly people too. Toronto escorts get a chance to service some of the most high class clients in the area. Not just that, they have a reputation for having retained most of the clients they service.

One pickle that often arises between couples is that when married men resort to hiring escorts. There are many married people who are not satisfied with their marriage, but they cannot call it quits because the stakes are too high for them, or for them sex alone is not enough reason to end a marriage. There are also many people who have incompatible kinks as compared to their partners and hence, such people are not able to fulfill their wishes and are not able to lead a happy life.

Under all the above mentioned situations, one fundamental question arises. Is it cheating if you are doing it with Toronto escorts? The answer to that simple is more complex than you would like to admit. The short version is – it depends. The longer version needs quite some elaborating on our part.

If you have been happily married and hire escorts just for fun or the thrill of doing it- it probably is. However, if you have been leading a life where your wife has not at all been able to fulfill your demands and you have been emotionally and mentally frustrated and it has begun to take a toll on your relationship, hiring an escort cannot be considered as cheating.

If you and your partners have incompatible kinks and you have not been able to experience the full potential of your married life, it should not be considered as cheating because we all believe in the right of every individual to enjoy his life to the full. If you are in a committed relationship and you have a girlfriend or wife who does not object to you having such encounters, it definitely isn’t cheating.

We would like to end this piece by saying that in a relationship, honesty is important but not when honesty can cause disaster in your relation. You have every right to enjoy your life, but you also have a responsibility towards your partner. Pitch your idea first, and see their response. And then you can decide about concealing or coming clean to your partner.


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