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How To be Sexually Safe? Escort Tips

In this blog post, I will unveil some of the most important safety tips for escort service providers. In the city of Toronto, escort services are getting a lot to traction. Thousands of people visit Toronto to hire world class escort services we have been providing here. With this ind of traffic comes competition. And where competition exists, some rules get bent, some loopholes get designed. This results in an insecure environment where the possibility of sexual risks increases.

In order to present these important sexual safety tips in front of you, Toronto escorts has compiled this informative blog in the most reader friendly manner.

Initially, you need to examine your client without him knowing this. You can be creative in this way. First of all, you need to educate yourself with all the visible symbols of any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. Offer to undress his cloths and look carefully for those signs. Most common place to look into world be the genitals as things can be extremely clear then.

Be extremely careful while going for oral sex. It would be advisable to careful examine the client’s mouth for some of diseases’s symptoms. Anything from a cold to a wound, juts don’t use the mouths. Always perform the sexual activities on your own terms. You have to determine whether the client is free from all the possible dangers and then only you should proceed.

No matter what happens,  don’t perform condom-less sex. This is one of the most common mistakes escorts commit. Always pay attention on the amount of drinks you are having. The more drink you consume, lesser becomes the changes of you being in clear mind about anything. so, as Toronto escorts recommends, keep a tab on drinks while you are with the client. Now, under the influence, the client may even try to make the night even more exciting by the idea of having condom less sex. Never fall for this one. You may lost some money of even clients, do not change your mind on protections. They are the reasons why you’ll be able to do what you are doing.

You have got to learn to say no. Not everything you have to do what the client tells you to do. If the client wants to film you, simply deny. This can haunt you for ages. this even goes for any kind of sexual favor he wants that you are not comfortable with. Saying NO can save you from most of the diseases and illnesses there exist.

For an escort, it’s her health which should be the priority of concern keeping the nature of profession in mind. If an escort is intelligent enough to understand this simple logic, she will go far and make it big in this industry.  These were just a bunch of tips which can be helpful for escort looking for safety tips. More of them will be coming up in the next blog!